ANI Capital was founded with the mission “Supply of capital and assistance to educational and entertainment content production by world first blockchain technology”.

About ANI Capital

The number of internet users for entertainment on the mobile platform is increasing. However, both content producers and viewers are still facing with many dificulties, such as: lack of investment, unable to measure viewers’ taste, high produced fee, have to download many apps, don’t know what to do, etc. ANI Capital is developed to solve these problems.

ANI Capital is a project key of the company “GLOBAL DIGITAL ASSET TRADING PLATFORM” located in The Valley, Anguilla with a team of highly experienced personnel who truly understand the market’s struggles.

With ANI Capital, everything becomes easier, faster and smarter:

· Register on ANI Capital & share your interests

· Find goods, assets & sellers, automatically matched by ANI Capital

· You will receive profits from owning the activated service.

With a great mission, ANI Capital is building a sustainable roadmap with a rich diversity of ecosystems.

To have a sure roadmap and direction for the future. ANI Capital focuses on building green ecosystem that includes ANI Release, ANI launchPad (nurturing digital content), social network in entertainment, advertisement, customize user experience, ANI Mall (shopping with an idol) and Payment portal.

From an all-encompassing ecosystem, we are also focused on customization according to customer preferences with specialized spaces: Kid Space, Game Space, Film Space, Music Space, Video Space, etc.

ANI Stocks

The ANI stackholders will get:

· Share 70% profit of the ecosystem

· Immediately liquidity on international exchanges

· Reduce fee/ Discount/ Point accumulation when using the ecosystem

The Serie A is opening with the price at $0.062 and the company can accomplish the current sales round at any time and move on to the next sale round.

Buy now to get this exclusive offer:

ANI stocks will guarantee the best elements to deliver a large return on investors.

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